Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A List of Songs to Play at my Funeral

"Dave, what would you do if I threw up on this lap-top?" asked one random teenager earlier this afternoon while I was at work. "Well..." I responded, "those are actions that would probably lead to your funeral." If i'd asked that kid what kind of music he would want played at his memorial service, I don't doubt he'd have responded with the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, and other artists of similar ilk. And really, that's fine. As (almost) all music is completely subjective and strikes different people in different ways. I say, "almost" above because i don't count Nickleback as real music. They're more like drunk woodchucks raping guitars...but...with less talent. At any rate, i've spent the past week thinking about the different songs I would want played at my own funeral. This list resulted in a pretty ecclectic batch. See below.

1. Each Coming Night--by Iron and Wine
I can think of nothing better to start with, than this flawless, peaceful, sad, gem of a song.


2. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness--by The Smashing Pumpkins


3. You Can Call me Al--by Paul Simon
Cause they can't all be sad songs. I expect people to dance at my funeral. I expect leaping, and dancing in praise of beauty, and happiness, and deep friendship. And if they don't i'll haunt their asses ;)


4. Solsbury Hill--by Peter Gabriel
Pack your things, i've come to take you home. That about sums it up, doesn't it?


5. All Dead, All Dead--by Queen
Sure, it sounds like a morbid emo song; but it certainly is graceful. Queen shall bring a touch of class to my death.


6. The World Exploded into Love--by Bob Schneider
If you don't listen to any of the other songs i've posted...listen to this one. It sort of sums up my life, and all my philosophies.


7. Follow You, Follow Me--by The Red House Painters
Gorgeous. A sad love song fit for Angels of the highest order.


8. Fake Plastic Trees--by Amanda Palmer and her Ukelele
Just when you think one of your favorite songs can't get any better, some one proves you wrong by giving it the vocals of a haunting rock queen and applies a ukelele.


9. One more Cup of Coffee--by The White Stripes
I just realized the past three songs were covers....huh. And who says it can't be just a little sinister?


10. Wilderflowers--by Tom Petty
This song is, as so far as I can tell, about traveling away to a peaceful place of harmony and color. I can't live without it, and I wouldn't be able to pass on without it either.


11. When the Deal Goes Down--by Bob Dylan
It's almost like a lullabye you could die to...


12. Melissa--by The Allman Brothers
I has meh reasons


13. When I Grow Up--by The Beach Boys
Because some songs are painfully poignant


---The next four songs are all fairly traditional...but...with a bit of a contemporary twist...you knew these were coming right?---

14. When the Saints go Marching in--performed by Dr. John
How bloody awesome is THIS?


15. Angel Band--performed by Ralph Stanley
My favorite.


16. When the Roll is Called up Yonder--performed by the Chuck Wagon Gang
This was one of my grand dad's favorites; and my own dad used to play it on his guitar. It has passed down three generations of Banker Boys to nestle within me as one of my favorites too. Must be something special 'bout this one. :)


17. Amazing Grace--performed by Ray Charles


18. Three Little Birds--by Bob Marley
Because even when we're gone, every little thing is gonna be alright.


19. I'll Follow the Sun--by The Beatles
If I die, and I meet John Lennon and George Harrison in the afterlife; how would I look if they asked me what songs were played at my send off and one of theirs wasn't on the list? I'd feel like a right tool I would. And anyway, this one is perfectly splendid. "One day, you'll look to see i've gone." It couldn't be much more straightforward or elegant could it?


20. Dare to be Stupid--by Weird Al Yankovic
Why? Because life is beautiful and we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. That's why.


And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

next week's blog: 20 songs to play at my wedding


  1. I promise if you go first I'll play "I'll Follow The Sun" if you promise that if I go first you play "Long As I Can See The Light" by CCR!